Jubilee Year 2022 - Pontifical Mission Societies Sri Lanka

Jubilee Year 2022 - Pontifical Mission Societies Sri Lanka

The National Direction has planned already to do all the 4 societies on different four Sundays.

1. HC Sunday - January 30th, 2022 - the national celebration will be in the Jaffna diocese which I participate and there 750 children will enroll as permanent little missionaries of Jesus and meanwhile all the other dioceses will do the same in different numbers and whole year main event is to enroll more children for HC societies.

2. Indigenous/Religious Clergy day - 24th July 2022 - on this the national director visits all the minor seminaries during the whole year and prompt the charisma of the founder and fixes a picture of a founder in each minor seminary and major seminary too. (this is the main event but other events are taking place during the year too)

3. World Mission Sunday - October 23rd, 2022 - All the programmers are getting the climax on the mission Sunday and we will have a grand celebration on the mission Sunday and we are planning to have TV programmers for all celebrations and especially the mission Sunday will be very much highlighted.

4. We are having a plan to have a closing celebration in the month of November with the celebration of the 150th birthday of the founder of the Missionary Union.

That will be a national event and representatives will come from all the 12 dioceses and 12 bishops and all the DDS and more priests and religious with lay participation. 

Fr. Basil Rohan Fernado, PMS National Director of Sri Lanka