Founder Pauline Jaricot will be beatified on 2022, May 22

Founder Pauline Jaricot will be beatified on 2022, May 22


"I was made for love and action, and the world is my monastery." Pauline Jaricot

On July 22, 1799 in Lyon, France, Pauline was born into a church-loving and wealthy family. She had a happy childhood, was influenced by her parents, had a very active faith, and frequent Eucharistic adoration brought her into an intimate relationship with the Lord at an early age. Since she was a child, her family started with the silk business. Pauline is very popular, beautiful and popular. She liked to have fun and is keen to attend various social activities. Influenced by the novels at the time, her clothes and heart are yearning for love and attracting the attention of men . But the emptiness in her heart baffled her until she happened to hear about vanity in church, and the priest's words made her completely repent of her heart. At the age of 17, she decided to dedicate his life to God while remaining a layman.

After a complete repentance, Pauline's life has been centered and aimed at "going to God".  Some call her a fiery soul, a woman of action, also known as a tireless disciple; she acted boldly and boldly to make the Gospel reach the ends of the earth and achieve social justice; at the same time, she also rekindled contemporary people Passion for prayer.

She is a laywoman and missionary

In 1822, the "Church of Faith" was established

When Pauline learned that overseas missionaries needed help, she decided to take action to make people aware of the prayers and material needs these missionaries needed.

So at age 19 she organized what we call "Pauline's Penny Fundraiser," and she invited women workers in Lyon to donate to become a network to assist missionaries. Each group of 10 people invites 10 more people, and more and more people participate.

1822 The Missionaries of the Faith are founded, from France to Europe, and everywhere in the world.

1922 The Missionary Society conferred the title "Pontifical" and moved its headquarters to Rome. The work of this association is to assist in the evangelization and pastoral care of poor dioceses, so that the Church can develop all over the world. Supports more than 5,000 grant programs around the world each year.

Today, the Pontifical Society for the Mission is present in more than 140 countries around the world.

The Living Rosary was founded in 1826

Pauline founded another organization to encourage contemporary people to regain their faith. Each group of 15 people recited 10 rosary beads a day. When praying, the meditation of the Gospel was the core of prayer, which was successful at the time. Updated the prayer spirit of the Rosary and attracted 2,250,000 people in France to join the organization.

This organization continues to this day in many countries.

Fr. Khohi Mbwi, National Director of P.M.S. in Taiwan