THREE KINGS ACTION  2021/22 - "Our joy for the happiness of others"

THREE KINGS ACTION 2021/22 - "Our joy for the happiness of others"

Advent and Christmas are very missionary - at least as far as the missionary animation of our children is concerned. If Advent is a time of calm, humble, but above all joyful anticipation, it is Christmas time, a time of joy and “action”. The link and the culmination of both, of course, is Christmas, the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Advent time has its "logical" continuation at Christmas time, a time of joy ... Therefore, children are kindly invited to join the "action" and "set out" as part of the Three King's Action with carols. Caroling is a great opportunity for missionary animation of children, as they go from house to house and announce the good news that the Savior of the world has been born.

Carolers are real little missionaries. They bring hope and, above all, the joy that today's man so desperately needs. They sing Christmas carols, wish people holidays and bring a Christmas blessing. At the same time, they also collect donations intended for Slovenian missionaries and their humanitarian projects around the world.

The children will set off immediately after Christmas on the feast of St. Stephen's Day, December 26, and the caroling will conclude on the feast of the Holy Three Kings, January 6. So far, the three King's actions have brought salvation to many people in the mission lands through the sacrifice and love of children from all over Slovenia, who gathered courage and set out on a journey. The motto of this campaign is: "Our joy for the happiness of others".

On behalf of all our missionaries, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts from the Pontifical Mission Societies of Slovenia.