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Statutes Revision Commission

The Commission was elected at the 2024 General Assembly




The Most Rev. Emilio Nappa 
(PMS President)


Chairman and Moderator

Fr. Anthony Chantry
(National Director England and Wales)


National Director Members

Fr. Ricardo Elia Guillén Dávila     (National Director Venezuela)
Fr. José Maria Calderón Castro 
(National Director Spain)
Fr. Dirk Bingener             
(National Director Germany - Aachen)
Fr. Isidore Nombré         
(National Director Burkina Faso)
Fr. Paul Roeung Chatisrey            (National Director Laos-Cambodia)


Member of the Executive Committee

Fr. Dinh Anh Nhue Nguyen
(Secretary General PMU)


For the drafting of the text, members may request a contribution based on expertise from:


Fr. Brian J. Lucas (National Direcotr Australia)
Fr. Alèxandros Pèrros (National Direcotr Greece)