Holy Childhood Sunday 27th January 2019<br> "Children let us be a light in darkness"

Holy Childhood Sunday 27th January 2019
"Children let us be a light in darkness"


In the beauty and splendour of a Child’s world, by the theme of this Holy Childhood Sunday being “Children, let us be a light in darkness” you are invited to lead a life in the light of Christ and you all are called “Come let us be Saints.”

It is reminded that you have to be a lamp that will not dowse to the darkness of the World in order to maintain a deep and close relationship with God.

A person who has a deep relationship with God never fails to fulfil God’s Will always. It is like surrendering to God and giving up ourselves totally to Him. The time has come to give ear to the God’s word despite the challenges of the world faced by us, by taking into consideration of the timely events, we are called to be flexible towards the needs of the Society according to the way the Lord reveals to us.

Father Basil Fernando

National Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Sri Lanka