Holy Childhood Sunday 19th January 2020<br> "Be a Missionary to become a Saint"

Holy Childhood Sunday 19th January 2020
"Be a Missionary to become a Saint"


«A child who is involved in the missionary call by baptism is involuntarily a Missionary. Yet, he or she grows with age and understands good from bad within their own heart’s consciousness makes them to be true Missionaries. Accordingly, “to become a Saint firstly we must become a Missionary”. It is a process of enhancing unity among communities within the proclamation of religion by protecting the oneness of the Church in order to proclaim the faith of salvation of the Church. Truthfully, the proclamation of the Good News is proclaiming the mystery of Jesus. A true Missionary should speak bravely. “They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to proclaim God’s message with boldness”. (Acts 4: 31). A true Missionary does not falter or be ashamed. He or she should tread in the footpaths of the teacher gently and humbly. If necessary, they must be ready even to shed blood in the name of Jesus while acting with suffering. At times of disaster and difficulty, they have to reflect through their lives that they are servants of God who are able to request for strength and power from the Lord.

The call has got to be strengthened on and on. They have to be advised that life is a missionary service and that whoever engages in this service need to proclaim the Good News by active participation. Especially an active missionary service is expected. The Holy Childhood children are assigned the responsibility of the missionary process. What should be done is to be actively involved in, the act in conjunction with the Holy Church.

I wish for God’s blessings that many Saints maybe born in the New Year with the brave missionary journey».

Rev. Fr. Basil Rohan Fernando

National Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Sri Lanka