2021 Epiphany Sunday in Malawi

2021 Epiphany Sunday in Malawi


January 3, 2021 - The Missionary Day for Children (Holy Childhood Day) on Epiphany Sunday in Malawi. 

On this day the Church has the following aims:

a) To pray for all children in the world so that they should be under the protection and guidance of Child Jesus (hence the name Holy Childhood). 

b) To give chance to children to take an active role in the celebration of the Liturgy of the day so that gradually they should live their baptismal obligations. 

c) To contribute money through the ordinary offertory of Sunday service or through other well-organized special collections or a Paper Sundays with the aim of increasing the Sunday collection of that day. This collection is for the Universal Missionary Solidarity Fund for the Pontifical Society of Holy Childhood. The money helps to support needy children in the whole world.

d) To demonstrate solidarity with the whole Church and the whole world in helping children who have not head the Gospel of salvation and helping those who suffering because of various reasons. 

Thus, every Christian, including children themselves, have to come together in prayer and charity to contribute money towards missionary supporting other children and promoting the well being of other children.