World Mission Sunday - Namibia

World Mission Sunday - Namibia


The theme of 2023 October mission Month is: “Hearts on fire, feet on the move” (Luke 24:13-35).

As normal, we request Parish priests,  Heads of catholic  institutions and lay leaders as Small Christian Communities and Solidarity Groups to ensure a good preparation and organization of the celebration of October Mission Month from 1st October to 31st October.

Guided by the Pontifical Mission Societies, the Catholic Church invites us to PRAY for the missionary pastoral activities in the whole world, to teach one another about the universal missionary needs of the Church and make FINANCIAL COLLECTIONS/CONTRIBUTIONS for the missionary pastoral activities of the Church in the whole world for the salvation of many people. We should not forget that we baptized and sent on mission as Disciples of Christ. We consistently remind ourselves that the Church is by its nature missionary (AG, n. 2), and that the work of evangelization is a basic duty of the people of God (AG, n., 35). Evangelization consists in proclaiming Christ and His Gospel, implanting local Churches and promoting values of the Kingdom (AG, n. 6. Now here are some of the proposed program of activities in the Mission Month of October below:



1st Sunday: Opening Mission Month on 1st October and Closing on 31st October with Eucharistic celebration. (Do explain and Campaign of Mission Month Celebrations and Collections).

2nd Sunday: Praying the rosary daily, seeking the intercession of our Mother Mary, Queen of Evangelisation. Our Lady of Victory and Mother of the Church, for the success of the universal missionary works, protection and growth of the Church. The Holy Father  through the PMS, guides that, as we offer daily rosary intentions using the ordinary four mysteries for the rosary, we should also add the missionary intentions (intentions of the Missionary Rosary), praying for various continents and countries with their various missionary needs.

3rd Sunday: Praying through the intercession of Blessed Pauline Jaricot in preparation for the World Mission Sunday22 October. The Holy Father is encouraging us to seek intercession of Blessed Pauline Jericot for our missionary activities in our universal and local church communities. There are many Divine interventions in missionary work and life of some people attributed to the intercession of Blessed Pauline Jericot, who was beatified on 22 May 22 in Lyon, France. In the liturgical Calendar, Blessed Pauline Jericot is being celebrated on 09th January every year. Secondly, the homily/preaching be based on the Life of Blessed Pauline Jaricot, Foundress Propagation of Faith. Motto “A prayer and a Penny for the missions”

4th Sunday/MISSION SUNDAY: Reading and reflecting on the significance of World Mission Sunday, the missionary needs of the Church in various continents and the obligations of each baptized person and communities in the work of evangelisation as envisioned in the 2023 Mission Sunday Message by Pope Francis,” Hearts On Fire, Feet On The Move” - Luke 24:13-25. Give feedback on Mission Sunday Collection 2022 to your respective parish/community. The Finance Committee can provide statistics and motivational talk for a better Sunday Mission Collection 2023.

This year, our Main Principal Celebration for World Mission Sunday will be at Soweto, St. Augustine Parish, at10h00,  organized by Missionary Animators and Missionary children.

5th Sunday: Closing Mission Month on Sunday, 29th October with the Parish Eucharistic celebration as 31st October will be a Tuesday, and many people might not come to Church to participate in the closing mass. Parish priests can use their creativity too, to guide their respective parishes.

Remember, the well-celebrated Mission Month of October and World Mission Sunday, help in the renewal of the missionary zeal and commitment of the members of the Church. During this month we are encouraged to read and discuss the message of His Holiness Pope Francis for World Mission Month / Mission Day, say the World Mission Rosary and contribute to the Mission month collections more generously.

I wish you and your Parish a successful Mission Month and Mission Sunday.


Yours in Missionary Union,


MN. Tshittthigona

Fr. Mathias N. Tshithigona, OMI

National Director (+264817479062)