"Hearts on fire, feet on the move" - Vocation Sunday, 30 April 2023

"Hearts on fire, feet on the move" - Vocation Sunday, 30 April 2023


The vocation to the consecrated life as a religious sister in the monastic life or active life, is also a call to service in the Catholic Church. 

The religious sisters do pray and work extremely hard in various fields of life as teachers, nurses, administrators, social workers, farmers, housekeepers, catechists, lecturers, patient attendants, caregivers among others. 

To be a religious sister means you have to make a lot of sacrifices in life as a religious sister, dedicate your entire life to Jesus and His people on a daily basis in prayer and service, and to be generous with your time and energies to serve in charity all people without guile, distinction or discrimination.

Religious sisterhood is a vocation in the Church that we need to pray for and support them both materially and financially for them to be dedicated in their life of service, and offer themselves in joy and charity to serve with a smile.

Your prayers in this week of vocations for a religious sister or nun is very vital because you ignite in them the spirit of service and going forth. The spirit of mission spurred by love, care and concern that burns in their hearts making them go to serve those who are forgotten, neglected, abandoned, rejected, despised and alienated. Through the mission of the sisters, the marginalised feel the comfort and love of Jesus through the Church.

Please, let us pray for vocations to religious sisterhood and support them financially to train more sisters in the formation houses by donating toward the Vocation Sunday kitty this coming sunday of 30th April 2023.

Through the Pontifical Society of St. Peter the Apostle the funds donated on Vocation Sunday goes to support the formation programmes of those training to be sisters in the canonical year of their novitiate.

Kindly, pray and donate on Sunday 30th April 2023 to assist in the formation of good sisters to serve with a smile and joyful heart.