October 2022: Missionary Month and Month of the Holy Rosary

October 2022: Missionary Month and Month of the Holy Rosary


October: Missionary Month and Month of the Holy Rosary

The Pontifical Mission Societies carry out "with the Pope and in the name of the Pope", a link between the PMS and the Petrine ministry, established a hundred years ago, in a concrete service to the bishops, to the Churches, to the entire People of God.

The jubilees that are being celebrated and the beatification of Pauline Jaricot give you the opportunity to underline three aspects that, thanks to the action of the Holy Spirit, have contributed so much to the spread of the Gospel in the history of the PMS.

First: missionary conversion.

The goodness of the mission depends on "the path of leaving oneself, of the desire not to center one's life on oneself, but on Jesus, on Jesus who came to serve and not to be served." In this sense, the example of Pauline Jaricot “who saw her existence as a response to the compassionate and tender mercy of God and channeled the mercy of God in the streets of the world”.

Second: prayer.

Only through prayer is this possible since it is "the Spirit of the Lord that precedes and enables all our good works."

Third: the realization of charity.

Along with the prayer network, Pauline started a large collection of offerings accompanying it with information on the life and activities of the missionaries.

The offerings of so many simple people were providential for the history of the missions.


October Rosary Month - We look at Mary as a model for missionaries.

Pauline Jaricot she started the Living Rosary which is devoted to prayer and the sharing of offerings

In praying the Rosary there are 4 events:

1- Joy events
2- The light event
3- Adversity events
4- Glory events

Pray that Mary's mantle may soothe our hearts, give us time to reflect and follow our mission, and how Mary was willing to accept and follow God's mission in this world.