The CIAM, International Center for Mission and Formation, has around 30 rooms which can host up to 60 people while holding conventions and other meetings. CIAM acts in the area of Christian faith formation to the mission. This International Center has three ways of operating: the missionary formation of the national and diocesan Directions of the PMS; through study seminars, the study and in-depth look at cultural, social and religious aspects that are real challenges to the evangelization mission of the Church with the possible production of formative material (enhancing local intellectual resources through publications, both in paper and digital format, of the renewed collection of OMNIS TERRA PMU CIAM Publications); pilgrimage to the tombs of the Apostles and locations of the first Christian martyrs, place for spiritual retreats, location for missionary formation and awareness of productive relations between faith-culture-art for PMS benefactors and groups of Christians originating from PMS national directions and their local Churches.

The CIAM belongs to CEP and while depending logistically and economically on the Foundation Domus Missionalis (PMS), the structure itself is at the disposition of the Congregation and the members of the local Churches linked to the CEP for working visits to the Roman Curia, ad limina visits of Bishops, Synods, as well as hosting meetings of the various curia dicasteries. The CIAM, which is situated in the Pontifical Urban University (PUU), therefore represents a house of missionary formation to educate to the faith and Christian commitment in the world of the universal dimensions of the Catholic Church, at the service of the four Pontifical Missionary Societies and the CEP.