Bible Study Summer Camp (BSSC), Ayubia 10 – 16 July 2021 - Catholic Bible Commission Pakistan (CBCP)

Bible Study Summer Camp (BSSC), Ayubia 10 – 16 July 2021 - Catholic Bible Commission Pakistan (CBCP)


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Bible Study Summer Camp was supposed to be held in June 2020 but due to Covid -19 it was held on 10-16 July 2021 at National Catholic Youth Hostel, Ayubia (Pakistan).

About 40 people from six dioceses, various cities and parishes like Lahore, Jurian, Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Kunri, Rahimyar khan Jhang, Rawalpindi and Jehlum took part in the summer camp.  Among them were students of Studies in Biblical Sciences (SBS), distance learning program through correspondence, young boys and girls from school, colleges and Universities, men and women, Religious Sisters.

Below are just some of the themes discussed:

Creation and Nations

Creation is the greatest event in the history and theology of the Holy Bible. God is Creator and Master of Creation. The Bible also speaks about a New Creation. Creation is the plan of God. God consecrated Israel - through Covenant and the Law. This is the mystery of the origin and history of Israel and of other nations in history.


How God is revealed to Humanity. God reveals His grace by choosing various persons at different times in different way. The Apostolic preaching also reveals Jesus as Messiah and son of God. St. John narrates about Jesus as perfect Revelation of God.

Repentance / Conversion

One of the most frequently mentioned themes in the Bible and most important for human and family life. Both are connected with mercy and forgiveness and are based on the love of God for His people. These themes are connected with the Covenant and liturgical life of the believers of God and followers of Christ.

Education and formation

God teaches His people to worship Him. The people of the Covent were formed around Law given through Moses and norms of Covenant. Jesus teaches and gives formation to his Apostles and sends them with a mission. Mission entrusted to the Churches and disciples of Jesus is of Kingdom of God.

Gospel and Parables

Jesus announced and proclaimed the Gospel. The concept of the Gospel was explained in the Synoptic Gospels and The Apostolic teachings in Acts of the Apostles and Apostolic Letters. Jesus taught about the mystery of the Kingdom of God through parables.

Desert and Exile

This is a great experience in the history of Israel. Both Desert and Exile were  simultaneously times of crisis and purification of faith. The key figures and models are Moses and Jesus. God reveals His mercy and love in fulfilment to the Covenant He has made. Both these symbols are related with the going to and returning to the Promised Land.


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Together we can change many stories.

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