Holy Childhood poultry farming project in Serenje, Diocese of Kabwe

Holy Childhood poultry farming project in Serenje, Diocese of Kabwe


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Serenje, in the Diocese of Kabwe - Zambia, is a small growing town that still needs to be competitive not only spiritually, but also educationally and economically to ensure that children grow up responsible and with high hopes for the future.

Local evidence has shown high chances of success in businesses involved in supply industries that produce food for local consumption.

St. Francis Parish in Serenje has many outdoor stations and centers located in remote areas where most children do not go to school, and few who are in the schools face educational and economic difficulties.

The project involves putting up a poultry house that could hold up to 250 chickens, and providing all the requirements to start and run the project.

The group intends to raise broilers that have a full 6-week cycle, from a day-old chicks purchased to the day the fully grown chickens are ready for sale for public consumption.

The profit that will be made from this business will be used for the education of some of the Holy Childhood members who are vulnerable and struggle with the expense of tuition, clothes, uniforms and shoes.

The group decided to raise the funds to begin running this business because Holy Childhood's membership continues to grow and so does the number of vulnerable members.

Education: Children will learn how to raise and keep chickens and this will enable them to be self-sustaining in society, especially since there are very few job opportunities in the country.

Pressing economic needs: Holy Childhood activities were affected this year and went on pause due to the shutdown of churches that took place as one of the preventive measures of the spread of covid-19.

Number of children up to 14 years of age who will benefit from the requested aid: 375




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