Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood: the new bulletin has been published

15 July 2022

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"Pontifical" and "holiness" are the concepts that form the leitmotif of nr. 11 of the Bulletin, an organ of missionary information conceived and created by the International Secretariat of the Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood (POSI). The dimension of holiness in children, a theme dear to the founder of POSI, Msgr. Charles de Forbin Janson, was also the theme of the meeting of the European Conference on Missionary Childhood (CEME) held in Geneva, after two years of stop due to the pandemic, a theme already proposed in 2019 by the International Secretariat and kept despite the postponement. "Holiness is to give dignity to the human being and remembering the likeness and image of God in oneself - writes Sister Roberta Tremarelli, General Secretary of POSI, in her editorial -. I am happy that today some national directions propose the example and life of the Saints within the journey and some proposals for the members of the Missionary Childhood Society".  Alongside the theme of holiness we find the theme of being pontifical, indeed we find a question: "What does the Society of Missionary Childhood and Adolescence mean for me when we say it is Pontifical?". The same question that the children and young people who will participate in the drawing Competition for young and older missionaries will have to answer to be held on the occasion of the centenary of the elevation of the Society of the Holy Childhood to Pontifical. The insights to answer the question can also be found in the bulletin where a significant section is dedicated to the words of Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII, Pius X, Benedict XV and Pius XI on this Society and on the value of the proposal of Msgr. Charles de Forbin Janson not only at the level of material cooperation, but with reference to the relevant dimension of education to faith and of faith.  In the bulletin, full of so many materials, there is also the speech of prof. Lawrence Lwuamadi "Holiness in an ecumenical context" - Pastoral experiences at the Ecumenical Institute presented at the European Conference in Geneva (CEME). In addition, for the "children's voice" section, contributions come from Nigeria on the occasion of Missionary Childhood Day, from Gambia and Sierra Leone with a look at the activities, from Paraguay with the Rosary of Dawn with and for adolescent children, from Japan with the initiative of the Holy Spirit Institute of Akita, from Argentina with the peace project of IAM, from Cuba which narrated the celebration of Easter, from the initiatives of the Republic of Congo DRC (diocese of Kole) to those of Burkina Faso (Diocese of Koudougou), of Chad and of Ghana (Archdiocese of Accra).

 From Kyrgyzstan the work of the local Church and in particular the activity carried out by the "Center for Rehabilitation and Spirituality of Children" is described. Space is also dedicated to a testimony of missionary creativity in the Antilles islands (Antigua and Barbuda) and, again from the Antilles (Jamaica), to the calendar initiative.  Finally, “La casa de la Niña de Loreto” in Peru and the story from Bangladesh of the activities of the Diocese of Barishal.  In conclusion, the initiative to create a prayer network for children in Slovakia comes from the Direction of the Pontifical Mission Societies of Slovakia, in order to awaken their call to mission and to give life to the "Missionary Beads" prayer groups.