1° Missionary Pilgrimage of "Missionary Seed", Butkov, September 10, 2022

1° Missionary Pilgrimage of "Missionary Seed", Butkov, September 10, 2022


On Mount Butkov, we organized the first missionary pilgrimage of children from missionary groups, Saturday, September 10, 2022.

The program began with the prayer of the Stations of the Cross offered for the children in the missions.

During individual stops, individual Missionary beads took turns in carrying the cross. After the Way of the Cross, the children from Sabinov to Bratislava together with their leaders, parents and catechists briefly introduced themselves and received a gift from Cambodia - a small statue of the Virgin Mary with Jesus.

Holy Mass was offered for all the Missionaries, in which the children meet every 2 weeks to pray the rosary together for the missionaries of the whole world.

In total, there are 335 Missionaries in Slovakia with 2722 children and leaders. After the Holy Mass, it was time for lunch, followed by 4 creative stations - making a paper game, talking about forgiveness, quiz and games. 

The missionary pilgrimage of the seed ended in an hour with the prayer of the crown of divine mercy.

We are creating a prayer network of children throughout Slovakia. We awaken their missionary mission and invite you to create with them a "Missionary Seed" - it is the name of the group, the basic element of the prayer network. Missionary grains will participate in helping world missions with their prayer and will become members of the Children's Mission Societies, which operates in 120 countries around the world and is united by the idea of "Children helping children".