Prayer: The children of the Missionary Childhood pray every day for the other children and for the spread of the Gospel message.

The Collection: This is the fruit of the missionary children's sacrifices and all those who want to give a better future to the children in the world. These “gifts” are collected by the National Directions present in the respective countries and sent to the Missionary Childhood Universal Solidarity Fund to be redistributed to millions of needy children in every corner of the world. Thanks to this aid, so many children can know Jesus and the Gospel, eat, study, have a roof over their heads where they can sleep, take care of themselves.

Missionary witness: Through their behaviour and their message, the missionary children are witnesses and an example for their peers and the whole community.

The Pontifical Association of the Holy Childhood is an excellent way of giving the children and adolescents the opportunity of sharing with others and of doing their part for the common good. It advocates a human and Christian education while offering the space for recreation and sharing based on Gospel values, all this through the activities of catechesis, formation, prayer, visits to the poor and the sick. The association offers a positive and fraternal approach towards others, in the light of the Christian faith, to inculcate closeness of the heart and prayer, knowledge and collaboration, and mutual help among the children of the world. The missionary education of children passes through the awareness of the conscience, which would lead to a spirituality and a will to stimulate, in a lasting sense, a change of lifestyle and a growing relationship with God and neighbor.

The universal horizon is at the base of every experience at the local level.

The support that a diocese and parish can give to the task of the Holy Childhood could be in the form of awareness of children toward becoming witnesses of God’s love toward everyone, beginning with their own surroundings, thinking of other children and praying for them.