Tuesday, October 10, 2023

10 October 2023

Joh 3:1-10;

Ps 129;

Lk 10:38-42

In today’s gospel, Jesus visits the home of Martha and Mary, not only as their friend, but more importantly as their Teacher. From then on, their home becomes a place for proclaiming and listening to God’s word. The ordinary house becomes a small church, in which there is a place to hear, preach and contemplate God.

Martha experienced this visit as being the visit of a great guest; Mary read in this a deep spiritual meaning. Both sisters wanted to show due respect to the Master, but each in a different way. Martha is so agitated that her heart begins to be restless and worried. Most of us experience hurry when we are busy with various tasks, problems or services to be done from morning to evening. Blessed Edmund Bojanowski repeated that “man has a beautiful life when he is open to God.” Openness to God is listening to His words. This is what Mary did: sitting at Jesus’ feet, she listened to what he said. By listening to God’s word, we not only take time away from our sorrows, but also restore meaning to our days. In our busy lives, we sometimes forget prayer or fail to see how important it is. And it is instead the best part of the day, prayer and listening to God’s word, that often becomes a cure for our daily problems and worries. So: let’s change our life priorities!