Tuesday, October 3, 2023

03 October 2023

XXVI Week of Ordinary Time - Year A

Zech 8:20-23;

Ps 86;

Lk 9:51-56

The closing of the city to Jesus is a special sign that accompanies the proclamation of the Good News. Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem is the fulfillment of the will of God the Father. Even today, the preaching of the Gospel faces political, cultural and economic adversity, but the greatest obstacle is the closing of the human heart. The good news of the Messiah is not about cultural upheavals or the creation of a new socio-political order; rather, the Savior comes to convert the human heart. This is challenging. In the month of October, which traditionally serves to discover the missionary vocation of all the baptized, we also encounter many difficulties and words that discourage and hurt. Why go on mission? There are few priests, better they stay among us, why send them to dangerous places? These are the words of Blessed Paul Manna, founder of the Pontifical Missionary Union (PUM) and patron of missionary cooperation: “The world is tired, discouraged and lost. It needs light, it needs peace, it needs guidance. We need faith, we need a universal crusade of fervent prayers, we need much generosity, solicitude and a big heart. We need to respond to this situation with the intelligent and constant cooperation of bishops, priests and all baptized.”

God alone can open and enlighten the closed hearts of men and women. Therefore, the first task of evangelization is prayer, united with the offering of sacrifices and sufferings for the growth of missions. Let us not forget this at this particular time; you are baptized, so you are a witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.