Saturday, October 7, 2023

06 October 2023

Blessed Virgin Mary of the Holy Rosary

Bar 4:5-12,27-29;

Ps 68;

Lk 10:17-24

The name written in heaven is an indelible sign of the grace of Baptism. It is by virtue of this sacrament that God recognizes us as his children, but he also sends us in his name. Mary, whose memory we celebrate today, reveals this mystery in the most complete way. God chooses her in advance, teaches her to listen to the Word, sends her as the first Apostle with the Good News when the Immaculata brings Jesus into her heart. And in the end, she is recognized as the Bride of the Holy Spirit and as the one who has most accurately fulfilled God’s will on earth as a human being. This is what Blessed Paul Manna said, “Although only in heaven will we truly see Mary’s glory, admire her forever and glorify her greatness, already here on earth, immediately after Jesus, our feelings, pity and confidence should be turned to Mary.” Today, the greatest joy of the disciple-missionary, that is, of each of us who are baptized, is the opportunity to look upon Christ in the Eucharist. Today, in the gospel, Jesus calls his disciples and tells them, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.” Perhaps we do not always appreciate the power of the daily Mass, complaining of monotony and repetitiveness. However, we forget that there is God and that he is here. The missionary activity of the Church does not lead to any success, but to an ever more authentic witness of faith that God is love, which is revealed to us in Jesus Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit. Love Jesus like the Immaculate Virgin, and the world will see in you the greater love it needs today.