Holy Father's Prayer Intention

"Let us pray for the catechists, summoned to announce the Word of God: may they be its witnesses, with courage and creativity and in the power of the Holy Spirit"

30 November 2021

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“Being a catechist is a vocation, we respond to the call of the Lord, who chose us first. We need the prayer of the entire People of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, because our mission is sometimes difficult. We often do not see the fruits. But we are confident that others will pick them up. It is in this hope, and guided by the Holy Spirit, that we dedicate ourselves to our mission, knowing that the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of our children and young people in receiving the good news we convey to them”. Thus comments Lúcia Maria Santos da Luz, who has always been personally involved in the formation of catechists to whom the Holy Father's prayer intention for this month of December is dedicated. 

Lucia, 41, lives on the Cape Verdean island of Santiago, works at the Diocesan Secretariat and is responsible for the formation of catechists and the preparation of the diocese's catechetical plans and programs. At weekends she dedicates herself to pastoral activities, supporting catechetical activities in some Christian communities and supporting the formation of some of them. 

She grew up in a family that passed on the Christian faith to her. Lúcia began attending youth groups in the parish at the age of 19. 

She learned so much from that experience to such an extent that, after a short period as an assistant-catechist, she decided to further deepen her knowledge, specializing also with appropriate studies and a period of formation in Rome, at the Superior Institute of Catechesis of the Pontifical Urbaniana University. 

“Being a catechist is the vocation I have welcomed since I was 19 and which I continue to welcome with joy. After Confirmation, I understood that it was my duty to give back to others what had been given to me for free: to help me grow in faith - explains Lúcia - Having had the opportunity to deepen my faith with my studies in Rome was a great joy and I thank God for the people I met along my path”.