Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood - The new bulletin has been published

06 July 2023

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The new Bulletin of the Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood is available

The Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood blew out 180 candles on May 19. This is the central theme, starting from its cover, of the recently published POSI Bulletin. Sister Roberta Tremarelli, Secretary General of POSI, recalled not only the anniversary, but also its meaning and the importance it assumes in today's context, who already in the first article emphasizes the original mission of the Holy Childhood which was precisely that of making missionary commitment concrete by virtue of baptism from an early age. In the following pages, however, the relationship between the Popes and the Holy Childhood is discussed, in particular in this issue excerpts from speeches and messages of Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI are reported. In addition, the section devoted to the activities of the national directions of the Pontifical Mission Societies, is dedicated to the summer camp held in the Ethiopian parish of St. Michael and to all the activities and publications carried out in Bangladesh where the situation in the country is extremely delicate.  In the "Voice of the Children" the experience in the diocese of Chantaburi in Thailand and in the diocese of Kakamega in Kenya is recounted, and a rich and varied collection of testimonies from all over the world completes POSI Bulletin No. 14, which in the final part also reports the interesting experience in the diocese of Nalgonda in India, where many vocations are flourishing in recent times.