Venezuela: Jubilee year of the Pontifical Society of Missionary Childhood

19 April 2024

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The Pontifical Society of Missionary Childhood and Adolescence of Venezuela celebrated the opening of its jubilee year in Caracas on Saturday, April 13, on the occasion of its 60 years of presence in the Country.

The event, which saw the presence of many people, was attended not only by children and adolescents that belong to the Society, but also by children and young people who attend nearby parishes and schools.

It was a moment of missionary celebration starting from the Eucharistic celebration followed by a space for sharing and then a catechesis on the theme of friendship. It was not only an anniversary celebration, but also a fundamental moment for the integration of the different groups of missionary children and adolescents from different parts of the city and an opportunity for new groups to consolidate.

Sister Roberta Tremarelli, Secretary General of the Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood (POSI), sent a message to the children and adolescents who are part of the Society. In her letter, Sister Tremarelli recalled that "the Society is made up of children, their parents and their animators. This is the beautiful thing. Not only are they evangelized, but they themselves evangelize others".

At present, POSI in Venezuela has 6,700 children of whom 1,647 are adolescents, distributed in 448 Missionary Childhood communities and 168 Missionary Adolescence communities, called Centimisi ón in Venezuela, for a total of 38 local Churches. These very young missionaries are accompanied on their journey by 615 animators.