The Pope's prayer for those preparing for marriage

The experience of the National Direction of Pakistan engaged in activities to support marriage and the family

01 June 2021

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Christian families as a whole are at the center of the Holy Father's prayer intention for the month of June. In Pakistan, the National Family Life Commission has identified four areas in which to implement formation programs: the spirituality of marriage, responsible parenting and the Theology of the body; natural family planning (Billings ovulation method); the cultural and social aspects of marriage, family and life; preparation of young people for marriage and family life and premarital counseling (male and female). The Billings Ovulation Method BOM training courses are always combined with insights into the spirituality of marriage, family and life and also about all cultural, social and emotional conflicts and their possible solutions. It is a demanding job as imparting the Church's teachings on human sexuality is a taboo in Pakistani society. 

However, couples prove receptive when this topic is presented in conjunction with the spirituality of marriage. In 2019, the National Commission for Family Life was involved in various programs at the diocesan and national levels. In five dioceses of Pakistan, training programs were conducted mostly in parishes in rural areas and urban slums where Catholic couples discuss the spirituality of marriage and the Church's moral and social teachings on human sexuality. There is often a lack of full awareness and consequently people live married life in contrast with the teachings of the Church, which is the cause of many failed marriages. In addition to this the Commission works with the government health sector, which is a good testimony of the interfaith in Pakistan. The National Family Life Commission plans to hold more and more teacher training programs so that all dioceses are self-reliant on premarital counselors and teaching of Billings Ovulation Method.